“The main motivation when I began sketching on a solution for a new table frame, was about creating an entirely generic structure — rather than something emotional. During the period of designing this piece, I was studying and looking through literature on Josef Albers — I was especially paying attention to the black and white works and optical experiments. At some point, when sketching on various ideas for the central stabilizer, the marker sort of took over and made the lines run past each other before taking off to the longitudinal corners, instead of the diagonal l — this created a quite characteristic feature. Although it´s a quite subtle manipulation, it´s adding a very unique character to this table”.

— Mikal Harrsen


Размер: Table top sizes: W90 x L180 / L240 / custom cm Frame size options: L180 / L240 x W90 x H70 cm

Марка: MA/U studio


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Silver Table

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Garden Table

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