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Kina references the inner shell of the local salt water sea-urchin called kina in Māori. David saw a kina shell in Antarctica – an exquisite jewel sunk in a tiny hollow in the sea ice. The shell had absorbed enough warmth from the sun to melt the ice around it.

Kina comes in 5 sizes ranging from 400mm dia to 1600mm dia. The plywood finish can be all natural, caramel or painted on one side thus creating a stock selection of 11 options.


Размер: 440mm/600mm/800mm/1000mm/1400mm

Материал: Bamboo Plywood Nylon Clips

Марка: David Trubridge

Цвят: Natural/Caramel/Aqua/Lime/Red/Orange/Yellow/Pink/White 1 side/White 2 side/black


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