The 300-190 Lounge Chair, designed in the 1960s, is often considered the second-most
popular piece of Polish Mid-Century furniture aside from the 366. Its exclusive wooden design
and exquisitely comfortable seat were once the pride of every Polish club and restaurant.
The original wooden openwork structure makes it lightweight and compact. Contemporary
reissue by 366 Concept is made of top quality Hand-Selected solid ash wood and finished
with brass details, giving the product a touch of luxury. The seats series includes: Lounge,
Rocking Chair, Sofa, Rocking Sofa, Club, Club Sofa, Footrest, 2-Seater, 3-Seater, Stool, Bench
and Bag. The tables series includes: Coffee Table Size S, Coffee Table Size M, Round Coffee Table
S, Round Coffee Table M, Round Coffee Table L and Round Coffee Table H.


Материал: solid wood, finished with brass details

Марка: 366 Concept

Цвят: Available in 4 colors of Ash wood


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