Лампионни лампи


It is not difficult to see how designer Markus Johansson drew inspiration from 17th century ship cannons as he created the CARRONADE lamp series. The idea of a small table lamp, with a distinctive but playful shape of a small cannon was quite a challenge. Realizing gunpowder and cannonballs references, by way of modern lighting technology then synchronized with 21st century contemporary Nordic lighting designs, was no simple task but very much a ‘Eureka’ moment.

This multi-functional floor lamp demonstrates the ingenuity, the subtle skills and craftmanship of Le Klint’s latest adaptation, of a classic reading lamp. This beautiful modern design with its rotational head is appropriate for any interior, wherever it stands.


Размер: Length (cm) 77 Depth (cm) 47 Height (cm) 111-133

Материал: Matt painted alu and soap washed oak.




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